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Slowly doing some feedback. Will add them all to this post, so check back as I get to yours.

Spoiler: Invisible Fist Fighter
There's a lot that I like here. Ranged damage becomes easier, using your hands for other things, wielding way more items than you should be able to, etc. Fun and flavorful and I would allow it in a campaign, and probably take it myself if it really fit a character concept that I was playing. However, dealing damage with your mage hands means needing a high int, which means probably abandoning strength (not a huge issue, because why do this unless you want to be a ranged damage dealer?), which could make for a rough time at your first two levels as you lug around your massive brain without it helping in combat. I don't feel that Eldritch knight suffers the same way, because you probably wouldn't need to pump int to the same level to be a decent Eldritch knight. Overall, I think it's good, and it expands the fighter's capabilities in a fun way. I may need to read over it again to make sure I understand it properly, so keep in mind that it's also a bit complex and maybe look for ways to tighten and clarify the wording if possible.
Thanks so much for your feedback.

Yes, so much of the wording needs a thrice over. I think you’d be okay with a serviceable Dex and medium armor to start, but I can see it being a challenge to wrap your head around.