"Starislav is not a beast. He struggles with an intense battle within him, and I have fervent faith that he will overcome it," Rem quietly expresses. "But I will bear your grievances. My apologies."

She bows her head softly, before pausing towards the monk when he decides that they would be able to come again tomorrow. "I thank you for your consideration. My name is Rem, and I was in life a healer of the Merciful Hand. Please also relay to your people that if they are in need of healing and mending, that I shall do so." She looks towards Starislav and says, "If we move fast, we should still be able to do something about Magistrate Li's men and their looting."

She's not certain if they would be on time - they took quite a lot of time and they might not be in shape to do more today, but hopefully with the aid of the Redeemers, they will be able to do something.

I'd say we could try seeing if we can take care of Li's men next, since that's something possibly we could do on the way?