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Thread: MTG Share your Card Designs II

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    Quote Originally Posted by -D- View Post
    You know how they say, in every joke is a nugget of truth.
    Using as meme as an actual argument does not lend any credibility to what you are saying.

    Well, there was a Enchanter's Bane (but it's Vintage. Also black doesn't have any way to deal with enchantments outside of some Vintage specific cards.
    Black has hand disruption, which like counterspells is an answer to pretty much everything.
    Also Chaos Warp is the best red enchantment destruction spell.

    And honestly, the lack of efficient planeswalker removal is one part of why Oko is a problem in Standard.
    And he's powerful in a weak format.
    I don't think Dreadbore was the only reason Liliana of the Veil wasn't dominant.

    Fine, would it be better as a tutor?
    A tutor would probably be fine, though only really if you are making cities a white mechanic, if they're supposed to exist in and be supported by all colors then I think it should be green.

    Pretty sure White has Path to Exile, which can act as both ramp and creature removal. Yes, I've seen it used a couple of times like that.
    Maro himself has said that Path to Exile is color bleed.

    Creeping corrosion That's neither efficient nor enchantment removal.

    The closest I can find is Druid Lyrist which is meh and Wear Away. Closest to your card is Hush I believe.
    Sorry, Creeping Mold was the card I was referring to.
    Also you never mentioned efficient in your previous post.

    I'm not against that idea. Although not sure what Lands you see as Theaters?
    For existing cards? Thespian Stage would be the obvious choice.
    But no, ramp in other colors is a bad idea.
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