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    Jerry returned the man's salute, there was a certain level of respect to be conferred among naval officers after all. He smiled at the title and accent of the Captain.

    "Captain Dumuneshar, it's a pleasure. Please, 'Your Excellency' is far too formal. I suppose if we're going with our retired ranks you can call me Captain as well, Captain Jerry Gates," he held out his hand for a shake hoping to meet the man as a man and not merely as an old officer.

    He looked over at the Sunset admiring its form. The size of the warship was measly compared to modern behemoths fitted with GLD but it was still an impressive spacecraft. Perhaps more impressive for its lack of GLD. A true piece of engineering made in Axiom not some retrofitted gift from old alien stewards. Of course there were those who tried to claim humanity was extragalactic in origin which was absurd.

    "Beautiful piece of engineering here. Frighteningly close in quality to ships the Red Fleet still fields I'm afraid," he laughed, "I understand your allies the Celenians are also quite the shipwrights. Does the Ninurtine navy expect to follow their allies into the capital ship game?"
    Dumuneshar's handshake was cold and metallic. After releasing the grip, the captain adjusted something on his wrist, and his forearm changed apperance, displaying a bionic limb. "An old service memento," he said, by way of explanation.

    "There are a lot of ships of this sort of quality still about, so it's nothing for the Red Fleet to be ashamed of. I spent almost my entire career on ships no more advanced than this and most of our expeditions into neighbouring sectors have been met with ships of equivalent standard. We still have a few flying ourselves for system control purposes and I'm sure she'd still handle fine in stellar conditions, but since she can't be retrofitted she's not really suitable for warfare against other stellar powers with GLD - and since they're all that can really threaten Imperial territory these days, she's functionally obsolete.

    "When we first acquired GLD, our intention was to build bigger and bigger ships, as the Republic has done, but we found that at least in our early battles that wasn't an effective use of resources. A single big ship, like our first GLD ship, the Santino, makes a powerful impression, but much smaller vessels can do a lot of damage to planetary installations, and capital ships can only be in one place at a time. They're best suited to fleet-to-fleet engagements, but we have yet to face a full-scale battle with a GLD-equipped opponent. Even then, we suspect that there's a benefit to smaller, but still combat-capable, screening craftl. So based on those early experiences we started to diversify our ship design." He moved to a display and brought up a picture of an Imperial warship. "The idea behind this Sterkelv class was to apply the principles of asymmetric warfare in our favour, and that proved successful so it's been developed with more gunboats and destroyers, and most of our battlegroups now include a number of smaller vessels.

    "Of course there's still a place for larger ships." He changed the display to show a much more grandiose vessel. "This is the Terminus, which is one of our biggest warships to date, and making use of Celenian technology, though still a long way shy of some of the Republic's vessels. I suspect," he added with a smile, "that if we do ever build ships competing with theirs for size it'll be as a statement rather than for real military purposes."
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