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Thread: MTG Share your Card Designs II

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    Quote Originally Posted by -D- View Post
    Sure and right now the meme is Elk, Elk, Elk. Do you think everything is fine right now?

    If a thing escalates to a point of a meme, I would hazard a guess, that yeah maybe, just maybe R&D ****ed up somewhere along the way.
    But you would argue for Oko being broken with arguments, not with elk memes. I'm not saying you are wrong because you use memes, I'm saying it doesn't help your case.

    Yeah. But hand disruption is slow and generally inefficient. And it can't account for topdecks, while counters can. Saying counters and hand disruption can be compared is just untrue. There is a reason why Blue was a powerful color in old times, and counters are a huge part of this (there were also draws).
    It's not as universal an answer, and it's not a perfect answer, but it is an answer.

    Ah yes, the low power level formats that are known as Modern, Vintage and Legacy. He's already part of the meta decks.
    Well I stand corrected. I knew he was powerful but I did not expect him to see this much play in those formats.

    Slap a 10 CMC (e.g. 9W) on sorcery and says it destroy a permanent and no color would play it. Hell even a 5 CMC is a hard sell for many colors.
    I never said it would be good, but:
    Burn it! - RRRRRRRRRR
    Sorcery - M
    Destroy target enchantment.

    This card is still breaking the color pie, no matter how awful it is.

    My point is that green was able to destroy enchantments very early in the game's development. It's a bad example. Fight would be much better.

    True, but they said it too was a color bleed. And it's legal in Commander, Legacy and Vintage.
    Yes, it is color bleed.

    Maro himself presided over Oko, the Elk of Elks. Your point?
    The fact that Maro didn't catch the broken powerlevel of a card doesn't mean that what he says about the color pie isn't relevant.

    Imprisoned in the Wall - 1W
    When ~ enters the battlefield exile target creature you control until ~ leaves the battlefield.
    T: Add W
    I guess that they don't print 2 mana manarocks anymore, so it might be okay with a good etb 1-drop, Thraben Inspector comes to mind.
    It needs to be worded so it's not just without downside if you don't have a creature.
    Outside of shenanigans it seems bad.

    Master Armorer - 1W
    Creature - Kor Soldier - R
    T: Add CC. Spend this mana only to cast equipment spells and pay for activated abilities of equipment.

    Boros Recruiter - 1W
    Creature - Human Soldier - W
    Whenenver Boros Recruiter attacks, add WW. Spend this mana only to cast creature spells with converted mana cost 2 or less.

    Lifestone - 2
    Artifact - U
    T: Gain 1 life.
    T: Add W. Use this ability only if you gained life this turn.

    Treasurer - 1W
    Creature - Human Noble - R
    Whenever the first non-token creature enters the battlefield under your control this turn, create a Treasure token.
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