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    Quote Originally Posted by -D- View Post
    It's meant to demonstrate Maro isn't the Holy Father, and that he can be wrong.
    Does it mean he is wrong always? No.
    Does it mean he is wrong in this instance? My opinion is that he is.
    And I'm willing to question the Color Pie, by adding breaks here and there.
    But you're trying to demonstrate that he can be wrong in one regard by showing that he is wrong in a completely different regard.

    Imprisoned In The Wall - 1W
    Artifact - Uncommon
    When ~ enters the battlefield exile target nontoken creature you control until ~ leaves the battlefield.
    T: Add W. Activate this ability only if a card is exiled with ~.
    You could do something like:
    As Imprisoned in the Wall enters the battlefield, exile it or a creature you control.

    You know, I like all of these cards.

    My nitpicks are:
    • That there should be an Aura or Enchantment version of Master Armorer.
    • Boros Recruiter doesn't produce RW - Admittedly it's a flavor nitpick
    • What does W stand for in "Creature - Human Soldier - W" (from Boros Recruiter). Common?
    You could probably do the same thing with Auras or Enchantments.
    Boros Recruiter was supposed to be Wojek Recruiter, but I forgot what Wojek was called. It could be any other faction of whatever plane it would be on.
    That's a typo, it should be R.

    Quote Originally Posted by Androgeus View Post
    Why are people discussing Maro in relation to the actual power level? Vision/set design has very little to do with the power and balancing of cards. That’s play design’s job.
    That's a good point.

    Is this meant to only be useful for flash creatures? Or does it want to say something like ‘at the beginning of your post combat step, if ~ attacked this turn....’
    There was meant to be a "doesn't empty from your mana pool" clause, but it might be right to trigger post combat instead.

    Here’s my lazy 5 minute white mana ramp idea.

    Spears to Pruning Hooks 1W
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant Creature
    Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 0/1 and has “{t}: add {W}”, and it loses all other abilities.
    It's two bad halves, but it's very flexible.
    I think I would like it better if it made it into a plains.

    Calatine Chanter - 2WW
    Creature - Human Cleric - R
    At the beginning of your postcombat mainphase add W for each creature that attacked this combat.

    I sadly think it's more red.
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