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    Quote Originally Posted by Gauntlet View Post
    Just FYI, MaRo's job is to design cards, not to balance them - that's the job of the Play Design team. Making sure cards are at an appropriate power level is not actually part of his responsibilities, while dealing with the colour pie and making mechanics / rules that work appropriately within the colours is.
    Right, so if GDS participant designs this card:

    Best Boi - R
    Instant - Mythic
    Deal 10 damage to a player.

    that's broken, and you're supposed to just let him pass because he isn't Play Design?

    Play Design may stop some mistakes, but a 3CMC planeswalker with two + abilities, one of which is removal, didn't raise eyebrows
    To be fair, maybe they did design him... To sell packs. That seems the only logical answer. Either that or they have employed Howler Monkeys as Play Design, and Maro is OK with that.
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