After how he responded to the mind reading attempt previously, it wouldn't be particularly surprising that Tager would not have a particularly positive action to another mental intrusion.

~Eh? Oh. Hey this convenient! Can everyone hear this? Err, can you hear this? Like, am I thinking this right? Err, if you can, I'm still at this camp place. I got the 'Professorman' alone. Trying to get some information out of him. There seems to be some sort of commotion outside but my situation appears stable for now.~

While there were a few Spirit Powered naians with psychic abilities, Tager's understanding of them came largely from popular culture. Naian popular culture on the matter did not differ too far from Earth's. So yeah, he pretty much saw mind reading as an invasion of privacy, mind control as super-squicky, and telepathic communication as basically okay.