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    Quote Originally Posted by PhantasyPen View Post
    First ability probably wants the restriction to be if he hasnít activated a loyalty ability since you last upkeep rather than just once per turn.
    Is the second ability exiling a card from anywhere or is it just an o ring effect?
    Red counterspell? No. would be fine costed as ~ RRUU though (see Esscence Backlash)
    What is this? A effect that only last the turn? Then it should be an instant or sorcery. An aura? Then it should have the sub type and enchant creature. A recurring effect that you can change each upkeep? Then it needs an actual trigger condition, like ďat the beginning of each upkeepĒ.

    Also your mana costs are written backwards. Itís not important but I donít really understand how you can get that wrong when every card has it written in the same order.
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