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On the other hand, thats not a good move towards a romantic relationship. Basically you are friendzoning yourself.
I agree that friendship is probably the best thing to aim for atm. But be honest with yourself. If you find out you definately want more at some point, be honest and tell her.
I don't understand how that's friendzoning himself? I've noticed that relationships have been much better when you've built a friendship before a romantic relationship.

Like, forming a platonic relationship with a person doesn't harm anyone, as long as you as a person decide that ok, this is the goal. The important thing is to not expect things to go to the romantic territory as you enter the relationship, the job is to get to know to people. I know some guys think I've friendzoned them, but in reality they tried to become friends with me just to make me like them and become a couple.

Of course it's easier said than done, first becoming friends someone that you think you might like. Grytorm, as you said yourself, you're not sure where the possible crush stems from - is it out of the feeling of need, or pure interest? I've been there, and it can feel like hell. And in my case, I've hurt myself and others when I've entered a relationship and then realised it was just because I thought I liked someone, when in reality I had a couple of issues to deal with. So, now, it's best to tread with care, and be kind to yourself. Get to know this person. And at the same time, get to know yourself. If you feel uncertainty or need help, then you're always welcome here to ask for advice... just as you did now.