Qetesh spent some time exploring the castle to get her bearings. She'd been before, but it had been a while. She retraced her steps back to Umbear's room and back to the dining hall, and then to the front and back entrances to the castle, memorizing the paintings and sculptures near each thing as landmarks she could recognize later. She didn't want to get lost.
Then she went outside, a smile curving her lips as she headed out to check in with Ra and then see if she could find a certain goblin...

Cuddles gingerly took the tiny sausage and tried to swallow it. But it fell out of her mouth, so she crouched down and made several attempts to lick it up off the floor. It fell out of her mouth a couple more times before she was able to swallow it. She looked pleased and sat licking her chops for a moment. Her tail thumped on the floor.

"You do have access to it," Malaika said dryly. "All the castle guests are free to eat in the dining hall, and the kitchen staff lets you just walk in and take what you want. Perks to this being such a rich nation. Diamond capital of the world, you know," she pointed out.
"Your problem is you're a lazy layabout who slept in in the ogre's room until I fetched you," she teased, prodding him lightly with one finger.