"Well...he was new to me so..." he returned Malaika's chuckle, "Since the good General is of a higher station, I assume that's one person he tones down the arrogance around." he sighed in relief at the news of Horofray, "I'm glad she's doing better." He took a breath before explaining, realizing that Umbear or the princess might be upset at him for what happened, "Horofray accompanied Malaika and General Gorrun to assist Camille and I against a Hobgoblin Necromancer and a demon that can possess inanimate objects as well as people. After the Necromancer was dealt with, the demon sneaked its way into Horofray's body and held it hostage. None of us knew how to remove the demon from her without harming or possibly killing Horofray so it thought it had us. I grappled her to prevent her from harming herself or us but we were at a stalemate for a moment. Fortunately I had handy some Elixers of Shadewalking and brought us all back in front of the Temple of Freya where High Priestess Yvaine confronted it and the demon left her body. Good news is she seems to be doing better. Bad news...now it's loose in the city with plenty of prime targets to choose from. It has the ability to phase through solid objects including weapons, making it hard to injure or kill and making it easier for it to escape. I fought this thing all day yesterday at Hillvale and still it's out there. I'm sorry I brought it here, but it was the only way I could think of to save Horofray's life."