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I've got too many Evil Plots and Villains going right now, so thought I'd see if you could come up with some Hero Plots just to kick the trend.
Here's something that I just added to the game, and I'd like to see your take on it.
Real Name: Elizabith Roadfork. CG. Half Elf Female. 5'2" 123# Silver Hair and Amber Eyes.
Alias: The White Shadow. Class: Assassin Rogue 8th level. Background: Urchin.
Skills: [Race] Persuasion, [Race] Survival
[Background] Stealth (Expertise), [Background] Perception (Expertise),
Investigation (Expertise), Insight (Expertise), Intimidation, and Athletics.
Tools: Thieve's Tools; Disguise Kit; Land Vehicles.
Feats: (4th) Dungeon Delver (8th) Skulker
"Those tainted by Evil shall perish. Legal technicalities shall not protect them."
Seeks out and eliminates those that do harm to others.
This can include those that supply the nerdewells
Let me know if you have any queries.
Since this is for an NPC - I kept this short and sweet. Explained how she becomes an assassin, but still be Chaotic Good.
Left plenty open for what may have happened between the gap of years, if you wanted to explore that further...
Anyway - here you go!

My father, Tauren Stormcaller, a Noble, had fallen in love and married my a beautiful Elven Maiden by the name of Elyiasia Twinstar.

When I was born, I feel like I could remember – to this day – the way my mother smiled down at me as she held me.

I was born into royalty and should have had a life of pleasure and joy.

But such was not the way Destiny worked for me. My mother and father were Nobles and garnered much attention, love and respect in the surrounding areas. However, in the shadows of such love there are those whose eyes see only with seething hatred and jealousy for something they believe is rightfully theirs.

And so, my uncle, a despicable man on my father’s side – and every bit the opposite of my brother – as if when they were born – my father represented the light, the good – while my uncle represented the darkness and the hatred – cornered my father and murdered him, then went and found my mother sleeping and murdered her. He’d been headed for my room when one of my mother’s handmaidens saw his bloody knife and knew what he had done – she immediately ran into my room and grabbed me and while I was only six years old – she and I fled into the woods.

It was only two days later when a band of goblins had ambushed she and I, killing her when she tried to fight them off – screaming for me to run for my life. The goblins never came after me, the deeper I ran into the woods until I collapsed.

I was found, near a trade route by a merchant who had feared me dead. He took me in and brought me to the town of Eagle Point – a town on the side of a mountain. Unfortunately, he wasn’t rich by any means so he had to leave me there in that town where at the age of six I learned to live off the streets. Seeing use for me, a local guild of thieves belonging to The Shadow Network, brought me into their fold and I accepted just to have a roof over my head and food, that wasn’t remains dug out from the trash, to eat.

I spent the next ten years as a part of the Shadow Network, learning how to survive. That was also when I learned the truth about the Shadow Network – how they used trained assassins – which they had been training me to do – to kill innocent people. I had been told the people that they killed were people like my uncle – who took things through violence and that the Shadow Network was used to try and restore order. I turned on them and left them and knowing what I knew began using my knowledge as counter intelligence to disrupt their assassination attempts. They dubbed me “The Phantom” or “The White Shadow” since they never saw me until it was already too late.

I’ve become good at what I do – kill those who would commit acts of violence against those of pure heart. Some would say there’s an irony to what I do – killing the killers – a vigilante if you will. But I’ve seen what those with tainted souls are capable of – I’ve seen how they destroy the lives of innocent people.

I will be the light for those who suffer against the dark shadows. I will be the White Shadow.