Three turned her head back at Korlann’s warning, and cursed as her archives transferred the information of these creatures into her consciousness. Phase spiders were a dangerous breed of creature. But then, so were the members of the Wolftooth Company. The artificer ordered her mules to a halt, before beginning to rush an infusion into her new crossbow. Incarnum and ki may have caught her attention recently, but at the end of the day, her own brand of magic was all she had to work with.

Spoiler: Mechanics
Three uses her Rapid Infusion feat to begin infusing Weapon Augmentation, Personal into her +1 Crossbow to give it the Bane (Magical Beasts) special ability. This takes one round to perform.
When used against a magical beast, her crossbow functions as a +3 weapon and deals an additional 2d6 damage. The effect lasts for thirty minutes.

Additionally, Three spent the early hours of the morning trying to make shuriken for Korlann: (1d20+5)[8].
+2 from her ranks in Craft (Weapons), +3 from her Intelligence modifier, she has artisan tools and so does not suffer a penalty from lacking them.
It again costs three silver and four copper, and requires an 18 or higher to perform.