Edges and Hindrances

New Edges:

Asari Biotic
Requirements: Asari
Biotic powers are relatively ubiquitous in Asari space; Asari find them easy to practice and easy to find training for these skills. However, not all Asari pursue biotic skill quite as fiercely as indicated in the Arcane Background. An Asari Biotic may learn the Biotics skill, and has 1 Novice Power and 5 point points with which to use it. They may take edges that require the Biotic Arcane Background. Unlike those with the Arcane Background, they usually do not have amps installed (though they may choose to do so). In addition, however, the Asari Biotic has spent her time on other things, and has two additional skill points to spend.
If an Asari with this background subsequently pursues an Arcane Background in Biotics, the powers and power points above are added to those gained from the Arcane Background.

*All Thumbs (Minor): In addition to Repair skills, this applies to Tech powers and skills as well. Given the prevalence of Tech powers and skills in Mass Effect, this is a Major Hindrance.

*Bad Eyes, Blind, Hard of Hearing, Mute, One Arm, One Eye, Slow: While these Hindrances are available, they are also relatively easy to overcome with cybernetics. If a major flaw is repaired with cybernetics, they are replaced with the Anemic and Ugly minor Hindrances (as the extensive cybernetics require both immuno-suppressors and cause massive scarring... to say nothing of the galactic insecurity about artificial beings). Minor Hindrances, either the flaws themselves or from cybernetic replacements, can then be bought off with Advances. So, a Blind individual can purchase cybernetic eyes without spending an advance, and thus have Anemic and Ugly. If they also used an advance, Anemic or Ugly could be mitigated immediately.

*Doubting Thomas (Minor): This is not appropriate for Savage Worlds: Mass Effect and is not available.

*Mute (Minor): Being unable to speak still makes some things very difficult, but the ubiquity of aids to overcome this Hindrance downgrades it to a Minor. As with other physical flaws, this Hindrance may usually be overcome with cybernetics.

*Outsider (Minor): Outsider is a very common flaw among the races of the Mass Effect universe, but is not a very common flaw for individuals. If someone possesses this flaw as both a racial feature and a personal feature (due to belonging to some obscure human or Elcor subculture, for example), then the effective penalty to Persuasion is -4; not only are you weird to the other races of the galaxy like all your people, but you're outside of what the expect from that race. Within your own race, the penalty drops to only -2. The Major version of the flaw is very uncommon, applying only to such unusual characters as Geth or Collectors.

*Athletics: Athletics also includes maneuvering in low-g and zero-g environments; a relatively uncommon occurrence in the galaxy, but one that most militaries and some civilian crews train for.

*Boating: While not unavailable, this skill is extremely uncommon; even most nominally ocean-going craft will incorporate enough mass effect technology to use Piloting, instead.

Sidebar: Electronics, Hacking, and Tech
Tech, from the Arcane Background, has a lot of overlap with Electronics and Hacking. In most situations, a prepared Tech may use their Tech skill whenever Electronics or Hacking might be called for; someone without the Tech background (and skill) will have to rely on Electronics or Hacking, and have to increase those skills separately. Situations where Tech does not apply are largely limited to instances of non-standard technology; either dealing with systems that predate contact with Citadel technologies, or unknown systems that are completely separately developed from Citadel technology, such as the technology of the Andromeda galaxy.

*Healing: Medi-gel can do a lot of healing, and most omni-tools have the Healing power built in, allowing users to substitute Tech, Electronics, or Common Knowledge, if those exceed Healing. In the absence of medi-gel, Healing can be used normally to treat wounds or perform forensics.

*Language: As with Healing, many omni-tools have the Speak Language power built-in, and so Tech, Electronics, and Common Knowledge will provide a "Good Enough" translation of most galactic languages based on sound or vision. Omni-tools are not capable of processing tactile, olfactory, or telepathic languages, however, and many scholars or expatriates will go through the process of learning a language "the old-fashioned way" (by which they mean VI tutors while sleeping).

*Occult: Similar to Boating, this skill does not see much use, and more often covers fringe theories associated with more respectable fields; a historian studies Academics, but claims about "Reapers" or "surviving Rachni" are usually relegated to Occult.

*Repair: Similar to Healing and Language, many make use of omni-gel and the Healing powers of an omni-tool for field repairs. Repair can be used instead of Electronics or Tech in such situations; Tech-Healing powers require enough specialized knowledge to apply that Common Knowledge cannot be used except in very simple cases.

*Research: The existence of the Extranet and research VIs can add significantly to basic research tasks; +2 for just Extranet access, and up to +6 for a specialized VI. The difficulty for many in Citadel space is concealing such searches; simple success may return information, but one or more raises may be necessary to conceal who did the search.

Background Edges:
*Arcane Resistance, Improved Arcane Resistance: These Edges are not appropriate for Savage Worlds: Mass Effect; can't fight physics, mate.

*Attractive, Very Attractive: These Edges usually have less effect outside of one's own species. Asari are the exception, as they are attractive to most of the galaxy's races (albiet for very different reasons).

Power Edges:
*Artificer: Not available.

*Channeling, Concentration: The edges do require an Arcane Background, but are available to both Tech and Biotics. They cannot be taken simply by having the Tech skill.

*Gadgeteer: Replace the "Weird Science" requirement with the Arcane Background: Tech.

*Holy/Unholy Warrior: Renamed "Biotic Warrior". Available only to Biotics, with a minimum skill of d6, this represents uncommon training in using reflexive biotic shielding to reduce damage. Common among asari Justicars, other species have developed similar powers.

*Mentalist: Not available.

*Power Points: Only available to those using Biotics, these represent inherent power points, not those available from amps.

*Rapid Recharge, Improved Rapid Recharge: These edges are only available to the Biotic background or Asari Biotic, and only apply to the natural power points, not to artificial power point pools from bio-amps or other batteries.

*Soul Drain: This edge is only available to Biotics.

*Wizard: Amazingly enough, this Edge is also known as "Wizard" for both biotics and tech. Requiring a true virtuso, a Wizard can change a power's trapping for one additional power point. Note that those skilled in both Biotics and Tech must learn the edge separately for both to be able to use its advantages with both.

Professional Edges:
*Assassin: The Fighting requirement for this Edge may be replaced with Shooting.

Weird Edges:
*Champion: Champion is not appropriate for Savage Mass Effect.