Chaos, exactly as expected. Things were about to get ugly if they didn't get a handle on the sitaution, and quickly. The boyscout and Liminal could handle the majority of threats but one stuck out to him as he lurked in woven shadows. The commander was making a dive for an alarm. If they were already in chaos that would only make things worse. Normally he liked that about super fights. The panic and the fear, the scramble and uncertainty. It was everything that a concert, a good concert, was and more. Loud and violent. But alarms meant greater security measures. With a step, he cleared the room even as he cast the last of the shadows behind him in doing so. With practiced motions he drew one of his pistols free from the tattered robes he wore to fire a few shots at the approaching Captain.

He was scared, they probably all were at this moment. He wanted to use that, to stop the man where he stood. It's why he wore the get up, animal skulls, the hide of foxes, tattered robes and all the rest. The skull mask was more high tech than it first appeared, he'd rigged LEDs into the sockets (which he obviously couldn't use for his own eyes) to glow a baleful and ominous red. Two points of blood-colored light that with a little magic smoked. "Don't."

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Rolled a 9 on my Directly Engage. I think this comes off more as a Provoke...that'd be a 10 if so if we keep the roll. If it's a Directly Engage looking to Frighten/ETC/ETC