Tager sighed. His helmet briefly wobbled, and then flowed like water down from his head, seeming to just seep into the rest of his armor as if it were a sponge. His voice no longer modulated, Tager replied, "That's what I was afraid of."

~So, bit of a wrinkle. Evidently whatever's here is powerful enough that it's freaking the Professorman out. They stopped sending reports because they consider the thing too dangerous for anyone to have. The phrase 'destabilize the galaxy' was mentioned. I'm frankly inclined to believe him. Thoughts?~

Verbally, he said, "Sorry for going all 'Neil Warshawsky' on you," referencing a figure from Naian pop culture. He offered the Professorman a hand up. "I wasn't sure where your allegiances lie. My team was sent by the people who hired you to figure out what went wrong, but truth be told they were as vague with us as I'm getting the sense they were with you. Can't say I didn't have my doubts."

"Here's the thing. If my team doesn't deliver, they'll keep sending people until someone does. So...it seems to me that our best bet is to acquire whatever it is, figure out what exactly it can do, and then determine how to keep anyone from using it to destabilize the galaxy from there. Maybe destroy it if that's possible, or get it to someone who can be reasonably trusted not to use or abuse it. I dunno."

The other thing, he supposed, was that he didn't actually know if his team would be on board with that. He knew John well enough to trust him to do the right thing, but he didn't know the motivations of the others. Fact was they were a mercenary team, and who knew if they wouldn't consider the money worth the risk? Truth was, he'd be lying if he didn't say he was tempted to just get the job done and let matters sort themselves out. That mobility suit for his dad wasn't going to pay for itself.

But every path of justification his desire to get the money led him down ended at a brick wall made up of the words 'destabilize the galaxy'. Some costs couldn't be measured in credits.

"If that's the sort of plan you'd be interested in helping with, I'd welcome the assistance. Otherwise, you should probably get your people out of here. I don't know what our employer's next move is going to be if we don't deliver, and I can't necessarily guarantee your safety."