Concerning the Freeholds
At the behest of Queen Persephone the Imperial Regency has issued a call for an Imperial council. All nobles of the rank of Duke or above are invited to Sigma Kuldav to discuss a proposal submitted by House Greenflame to establish an Imperial Decree concerning the Freeholds and the Imperium's relations to those states.

Zaqaru Dynasty
Spoiler: House Lonestar [Enigma: 5]

I reckon we could do that. Yeah if your crusade manages to clear out the varmints we'll lead you further out. No vespids like this out when we were exploring though.

Duke Stone

Spoiler: House Berger [Enigma: 5]
The forces I send in tribute will not gain me anything either way. So they have no bearing on which crusade I join. It seems to me however that playing a larger part with a single unified force will gain me more glory than splitting my forces between two crusades and playing only a minor role in each.

Do you have a more concrete reason I should support your crusade over queen Persephone's?

Duke Berger

Spoiler: House Voss [Enigma: 6]
Grand Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru,

Yes, that is agreeable.

Duchess Brechtje Voss

Exilesí Consortium
Spoiler: The Imperial Archives [Enigma: 10]
In response the consortium receives a set of data surveys on the deposits of said materials in their own borders. As well as a stack of authorization forms to be filled out by each Great House to release the information about their territories.

House Greenflame
Spoiler: House Ytterbus [Enigma: PM]
Duchess Cupria doesn't need to consult anything as her databases are available at a thought, "The Liness Coalition can contribute only [21 Navy and 10 Prototypes] as we have reached the limits of our logistical capability. They will be slighty augmented over the last clash however as we were able to implement some of the new technologies we have acquired."

She sighs, "Unfortunately we expect this Vespid swarm to be [90 Fleet] at a low end. Your cousin may be better off directing his aid to building another defensive line in the Imperium's core."

Spoiler: House Severin [Enigma: 3]
Your Grace Farid Saquar,

I would be most pleased to accept your aid in upgrading my research divisions. Unfortunately I only have one economic improvement to offer you, our new Deep Bore Drills, but I will send it for your scientists perusal.

Count Halcyone Severin

House Gilkara
Spoiler: Laramy-Collective Treaty [Enigma: 7]
There is some surprise at the treaty site to see the representatives of House Gilkara and Excagon, but they are well respected enough to press Excagon's claims.

The situation as it stands is at a stalemate. It is almost a given that the Democratic Collective will need to give up the Cordoba cluster, but queen Persephone's negotiators are also pushing for the dissolution, or at least demilitarizing of the collective itself. Something that the collective is not willing to give up. And is confidant enough in the backing of the Infinite Republic, whose negotiators are also sitting in, to resist.

In private House Excagon informs House Gilkara that they wish control of the Roselyn cluster, or hopefully Cordoba as well. They are willing to offer their scientists aid in deciphering the warp gates in return.

Spoiler: House Vastadd [Enigma: 4]
To say that they are hibernating would be too far. They are mostly dead in a way that would be permanent for most other organisms. However under certain conditions enough Vespid remains are still viable such as to amalgamate into larva and from their mature into other Vespid forms.