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    Default Re: Homebrewing a spell. Need help balancing it. Called "Void"

    Quote Originally Posted by Quertus View Post
    OK, there's a few problems.

    The biggest to my OCD is, if it's weightless, there's no reason for an object to fall back to earth; if it's both frictionless and weightless, there's no reason for it to slow down.
    I'm not good on Physics, but I was under the assumption even things with 0 weight can still be affected by gravity. Meaning if the object being 0 weight weighs more than the atmosphere around it it would start to descend. I'm assuming mass at some point plays a part in this theory (From what I can remember of chemistry class all those years ago). I also incorporated this as a fail safe from allowing me to abuse this and launching people into space and dying from falling damage. Would seem overpowered at that point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quertus View Post
    Second, frictionless + weightless should do strange things to (muscle-powered) ranged attacks. There is probably already some RAW for this, but my homebrew would be… a) -2 penalty outside point blank range (negated by those accustomed to fighting in the void); b) no maximum range.
    I know there's a lot of things open for interpretation here. Like what happens to all the things on a creatures body when they all become weightless and frictionless as well? Or the item the creature is holding? I figure every spell has some leeway for DM discretion. I have been trying to work out with a friend about grappling things under this condition. Possibly doing something like what you're talking about of giving a + to resist being grappled and a + to escape grapple. But overall, I guess I'm not understanding what it is you're trying to convey here. Are you talking about trying to draw the bow? Or because the arrow/bolt is now weightless it increases in speed as it moves? Or because the arrow/bolt is now weightless it will move in a straight line regardless thus throwing off conventional ways to shoot a bow/crossbow to begin with?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quertus View Post
    Next, there's no reason why objects at rest would suddenly start moving at their movement rate. Imagine casting it on a stationary locomotive or jet airplane - you wouldn't expect them to suddenly rocket away, would you? Perhaps instead… have things move at the speed that they did in the previous round, in the direction that they ended their movement in the previous round, subject to a) a chance of scatter diagram deviation (based on wind (including breathing) vs a weightless object, bumping into things, etc); b) a chance for the subject to control their movement (same chances as not being thrown up by Reverse Gravity).
    I'm not assuming something at rest will suddenly start moving. But I am under the assumption that things in movement stay in movement. Like if you move into this area you were already exuding force. Or failing a reflex save while starting in the area could be interpreted as you moved and now are continuing to move, because you cannot control your movement. On the flip side making your reflex save could allow you (In RP'ing Theory) understand what is going on and move accordingly. Like I said lots of things are open to DM discretion. As for regaining control? Possibly just make it as simple as another Reflex save, but honestly I can't see in reality you trying to regain control working in a situation where you are frictionless and weightless. But like I said physics is not my strong suit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quertus View Post
    Lastly, that 25% miss chance sounds great as an extra stacking miss chance for a flying Wizard.
    PS, speaking of flying, you should address how the spell will affect nonmagical flight.
    Honestly I don't know how weightless would affect non magical flying objects to begin with. I'm assuming they would be able to flying normally or possibly faster since there is less resistance now (Being weightless). But I hadn't even thought about flying and this spell. Nice thinking. Mainly I put the miss chance in to help protect enemies caught in this so they aren't as helpless. Whether that condition is applied or not. I could put in a misnomer about the evasion from this does not stack with over forms of evasion. Purely for strength of the spell power purposes.
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