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    Default Re: Does anybody know of a good future science blog?

    Quote Originally Posted by Maximum77 View Post
    All of my links are to OFFICIAL scientific websites. Many on Reddit and Twitter liked my work. Creating pages on Wikipedia is hard because they are picky.
    Yeah, you've done a decent job referencing your sources. The question is more about how many of those technologies belong in the list. For example, should a medicine for acne be listed in the same list that talks about dyson spheres and antigravity? Furthermore, is it sensible to have those items on the list without wikipedia articles compiling all info to back them up? Some of the names are also misleading. The anti-evolutionary drug is apparently something intended to stop bacteria from adapting, but that's not clear from the name (or rather, it is clear once you start reading the referenced article and assuming you know a thing or two about the current troubles with resistant super-bugs, but without doing that it looks really odd). Basically, if someone wanted, they could create a list of future technologies that's over 10,000 entries long, each with a link to a fairly reputable site. And that list would be pretty much useless.

    If you want to increase how useful the list is, first make sure that every new technology gets an article and then start organizing the list on things like technology readiness level, impact on society and scientific field.

    edit: also, just to make clear, likes on twitter and reddit are not a good measurement for how useful something is from a technological or scientific point of view. A picture of a cute cat will likely get tons of likes. A paper on the likely presence of Ammonia on Enceladus or an interesting new way for detecting craters on icy moons using NIR data wouldn't.
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