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    As Gorrun and Malaika step out of the crafting lab he hands her a small golden earring. He presses the matching one through his ear and pinches it shut. Then Aurix rounded the corner in a hurry. Hearing his concern he decided that the goblin situation would keep for now. "Gone? With the concoctions at his disposal, I don't know that he'd have even left tracks, but let's try it." he accompanies Aurix back to Unwins room. He assumes a tracker's posture, lowering himself to the ground, sniffing the air for any lingering scent. He scours the floor for unsettled dust, skids of soil along the stone, anything that might indicate Unwin's trail.

    Taking 20 on perception for [50] to pick up a trail. And (1d20+48)[54] survival to track.

    He can smell a bit of salt mixed with the typical road grime and begins to think on alchemical substances that require salt as a reagent. [23] k. Arcana Salty Bastard he grumbles.
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