The Boozatorium

"I'm fine," Magtok insists, though I'm sure he would've said something like that even if he had been beaned by a brewski. He hurries along after Tina, but takes care not to outpace her, lest he get pelted with adult beverages a second time today. "Let's just evict this stupid ghost and-"

"FooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOooooooools! You treshpash on my domain! I am the phantom of fermentation, the demon of DUIs, the booziesh of boogeymen!" the ghost cackles again, scurrying away from Tina with remarkable speed for a ghost who can't even walk a straight line. There's no bottles being thrown this time around, though. The ghost is too focused on getting away, on evading Tina and that look at all costs. This would probably be way harder for Tina if the specter was sober enough to remember it can fly and pass through walls, but fortunately(?) for Magtok and Tina, the Spirit of Spirits is just too sloshed to ghost properly right now.