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    Karstarn Freeman, Half-Orc Battle Templar, the Tyrant Breaker, the Sword of Tulis

    Karstarn was born to scorn and hard labor. As a half-orc, it was known that this is what the Nobility created him for, and why deny him his nature? As a youth, the priests of Tulis ignited the spark of freedom in him, and he practiced the rites in secret for years. He was later pressed into military service, trained and equipped to fight a petty, pointless war. On the eve of battle, he led his fellow soldiers to slay their overseers and claim their freedom. He took the name "Freeman" for himself that day, and has continued his work since then.

    Karstarn kills monsters and frees prisoners. If the monster is a Lamia in a devastation zone, or a slave owner on his plantation, it matters not to him. The methods may change, but the outcome will be the same. He became a Hunter partly out of religious reasons - monsters are very often oppressors; and partly out of political expediency - it gives him reasons to travel, and cover for his less legal activities.

    Mechanics wise, he is a battle cleric. He can fly, casts as a 7th level cleric, heal, and swing his greatsword. He uses the Warlord title veil to mark enemies for destruction, and uses maneuvers from Golden Lion, Radiant Dawn and Silver Crane. I used the d20pfsrd and wiki revised (nerfed) versions of Battle Templar, Radiant Dawn and the Warlord veil. I feel that he is a little bit fragile for a level 9 frontliner, but let's see what the others bring. His only ranged attack is using Sunstroke to melee attack at long range, but he has no way to recharge that without taking a full round action to recover maneuvers.
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