Aurix turns to Malaika while Gorrun investigates. If he's going to make a case for this, Aurix thinks to himself, he needs to be able to explain it to others. "There was this caster, Cedric, who we captured. We were convinced he had something to do with the crisis that was coming. He escaped from the castle dungeon without a trace. Gorrun and I decided it was an inside job. There were certain...discrepancies in Unwin's behavior after that that made him a suspect. He made a big show of being angry over Cedric's escape and tried to shift blame onto Gorrun, when Unwin is a very pragmatic, level-headed man. The tower full of demons right now? It was his base, and he didn't express any pain over losing it except complaining about his guest quarters. We asked him for a list of the relics that were stored underneath, since one of them might have been responsible for allowing the demons in, and he conveniently never produced it. Also, I was in town for an hour and immediately caught wind that there was something wrong on the streets, but Geiravor's entire council was completely in the dark. Unwin, being head of intelligence, would be the perfect person to block the monarch from learning things going on inside her own city."

"Last but not least, yesterday I activated a defense mechanism to destroy any demons lurking in the castle. With my divination, I was able to see that, though outwardly he praised me for what I had done, inwardly he was seething. Apparently soon after he cleaned up his quarters, packed everything, made sure there wasn't so much as a hair left for things like scrying, and bailed on the castle. At least that's what it's looking like. I realize it's a giant pile of circumstantial evidence, but it's super suspicious."

Aurix turns to Gorrun. "General, I'm gonna go let the Princess know. She should still be in the dining room. Let me know what you come up with, or if you need more assistance." Aurix leaves Gorrun to investigate, and heads back to the dining room.

Without preamble, Aurix strides into the warded area where Geiravor is talking.

Spoiler: Geiravor's Conversation
Aurix interrupts whoever is speaking with a bow. "My Princess, I apologize for the interruption, but it appears Lord Unwin has fled the castle. Gorrun is investigating, but it looks like after...what we set up yesterday...Unwin went back to his quarters, cleaned them out, and left without anyone seeing him go. Is this unusual behavior for him?"