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Thread: [IC] Masks: The Unseen Path

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    Errant White
    Potential: 0/5
    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: -1
    • Danger: +0
    • Savior: +2
    • Superior: +1
    • Mundane: -1

    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X] Fight the good fight: When you pull your punches while directly engaging a threat, you can roll + Savior instead of + Danger. If you do, you cannot choose to impress, surprise, or frighten your foe.
    • [X]The legacy matters: When you take Influence over someone from your legacy (or give them Influence over you), mark potential and take +1 forward. When someone from your legacy causes your Labels to shift, mark potential and take +1 forward.

    Aiden grins behind his helmet as four of the guards turn to flee. The adrenaline was beginning to take hold, crowding out the fear. Even as five men turned to train their weapons on him, he knew they didn't want to fight any more than he did. If he drew his sword now, it would result in bloodshed for certain. Durendal was a righteous sword, but not forgiving. But it didn't have to be like that.

    "Hold! Lay down your weapons and no harm will come to you, on my honor!"

    Spoiler: OOC
    I rolled a 5 to provoke the remaining guards into surrendering. We'd need at least 2 Team to turn that into a hit, but maybe this could be capitalizing on opportunity? If not, I'll mark potential.
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