Spoiler: Markas and Ais
Geiravor frowned at the news she already knew. "I know we can't really do anything with this info and I am not surprised. I've known her intentions for a few years now. She going to try to overthrow me through Council and public opinion. I... don't like the person she has become but maybe we can turn turn this around." The Princess explained.

Spoiler: Aurix, Markas, and Ais
Geiravor stared at Aurix silently for a moment. She visually grinds her teeth as she growls. "Oh... this looks sooo bad for that bastard." She clinched her fists and walked out of the room. Mist and Hrist rushed behind her.

"Mist, Hrist. You will help me get equipped. We hunting for gods damned answers today." The Princess growled.

Gorrun's monocle activated.
Spoiler: Gorrun

The room was meticulously made already and was unoccupied for most of the day. Gorrun cycled through footage until he saw something. Unwin walked into the room. He downed an extract before melting into the shadows, disappearing.

"Hm, you are right, my darling!" Kyoko called out as Jay left.

Spoiler: DM Note
After Jaylyn left, Kyoko cast Arcane Eye after the 10 minute casting time and used it to find Jaylyn to... keep an eye in her. -wink wink-