Potential: 0/5
Spoiler: Labels
  • Freak: -1
  • Danger: +0
  • Savior: +0
  • Superior: +1
  • Mundane: +3

Spoiler: Moves
  • Mild-mannered: When you try to use your civilian identity to deceive, trick, or slip past someone, roll + Mundane. On a hit they buy your facade. On a 7-9, choose one:
    - youíre still under observation
    - you leave something incriminating behind
    - youíre forced to make a fool of yourself to sell it
    On a miss, one of your civilian obligations rears its ugly head.

  • Game face: When you commit yourself to save someone or defeat a terrible enemy, mark a condition and take +1 ongoing to all rolls in direct pursuit of that goal. At the end of any scene in which you donít make progress towards that goal, mark a condition. When you fulfill your goal, mark potential.

It took Liminal a great deal of effort to stand up straight after that injection. Whatever it was those blasted scientists had injected her with was doing a number on her system. She tried reaching an arm out, only to have it flop down to the floor in a lumpy, noodly mess. Not a good sign. It also caused a fresh wave of nausea to wash over her, and Liminal gave a small retch before her other hand shot up to cover her mouth.

There was no way she'd be throwing up live in front of JigaWatt's audience. Or her new team. Or the villains. That would be the end of her superhero career.

As for the hostages, well...after that last stunt, they might have earned getting a little bit vomited on. Sure, they probably panicked, but she was trying her best! Who just sticks someone with a random needle? It was rude! Liminal tried focusing her gaze on the impertinent scientist now stuck in a mercenary's grasp. She was doing her level best to glare at them, but the nausea made it look more like a pained grimace.

"How would you shooting someone make it our fault?" The words slipped out between another retch. She wasn't intending to provoke the obviously unstable goon with a gun, but her mouth always worked faster than her brain did. Maybe she would just have to run with it.

"Like, what happens next? If you kill them, doesn't that get rid of your bargaining chip? Am I suddenly not going to punch you when they're gone?" She followed the mercenary's gaze back up towards Errant White, who stood a ways off taking on an entire squad by himself. "I don't know if you've, *urp* noticed, but my friend over there's immune to bullets. Do as he says, just put the-the gun down, and we can just let you go? No dead people on your conscience, and I don't have to punch you. Everyone wins!"

Liminal was already winding back an arm as the mercenary was distracted. She prayed this wouldn't get them to change their mind and start shooting at the hostages.

Spoiler: OOC
Spending 1 Team to boost Errant White's result to a 6. Need one more for a hit.