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    Both Starislav and Rem take off, each taking their own path to catch up with Magistrate Li's men. The bogatyr stays stays down below on the ground, relying on his trusty steed and the tirelessness with which he can drive the animal as he breaks through the brush and tangling vines of the Dulimbaian forest. A quick flick of his wrist occasionally erases an obstacle that would otherwise have slowed him down, further easing his journey.

    Meanwhile, the healer soars far above the earth, her powerful wings unfurling high in the sky and sending her blasting forward. The wind blasts her face and body, yet she stays miraculously unfazed by them. Now that she is racing, the strength of her new limbs is slowly beginning to reveal itself to her. Up here, not even the birds are able to keep pace with her. If she did not have to look for her target and follow the road like Starislav, it would be no contest. As is, the more complicated path strains her inexperienced flying skills a little, but she still handily keeps up.

    In the end, it is close, but the warrior just barely beats his opponent by a few seconds. You find the small company of constables near the outskirts of the Gongfang farmlands, carrying away their treasures on two large carts, covered with thick blankets. As they hear the hellish ruckus of Budyony's hooves smashing against the dirt road, they turn in fear, some giving panicked screeches and fumbling for their weapons. Their spirits are not lifted when they see not only some kind of heavily armed warrior, but also a terrible angelic monstrosity diving down at them, some already turning to run.

    Then, however, Starislav skids to a halt before them, with Rem following suit just moments after. Under your expectant gazes, the constables' screams slowly die down as they realize who you are. Sheepishly, they lower their weapons as an awkward silence descends upon the group. Eventually, one of the men is pushed forward by two others, dressed in slightly heavier armor than the others. Clearly, he must be the group's leader.

    "G-Greetings, Lady R-Rem." He is shaking heavily, and his face is very pale indeed. "What, uh, b-brings you and y-your warrior h-here?"
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