The other night my friend told me that it was possible to enter the singularity of a rotating black hole, which seemed totally nuts to me.

I looked it up, and I found several articles that said that new mathematical models show that it would be possible to enter a singularity and emerge in another galaxy if you found the perfect path into a large enough black hole that was rotating in just the right way, but they were all short on details and any more complex research I did was too math heavy for me to make heads or tails of.

Is anyone able to explain how this concept works to me, preferably in layman's terms?

I just don't get how:

A: Why tidal shredding wouldn't occur at some point, even if it is only microscopic distance from the singularity itself.
B: How an object with finite size could enter a 1 dimensional point at all, let alone intact.
C: Why you would emerge in a different galaxy specifically.