Calla's bold proclamation gave the Malachord pause for a split-second as he squinted at her, trying to wrack his brains to see whether he'd heard of her name before. At least that's what it looked like he was doing, it was kind of hard to tell what with him being a rock monster and all.

"Sorry lady, I don't watch wrestling." He decided with a shrug before a crackling wave of white energy spewed out from his mouth.

Spoiler: OOC
Move: Nah
Standard:Attack Calla and John with Wide Beam DC20 Defence and then a DC25/20 Toughness

Adventurers are on Turn!


Graff just stared disbelievingly at the offered hand for a moment before reaching out for it and shakily getting to his feet, he still half expected Tager's other hand to snap his neck any second now...

"Yes, of course!" He finally spoke up, excitedly shaking Tager's hand when no snapping was forthcoming "That's exactly what needs to be done! I would be more than happy to help, I can take you straight to our dig site, just let me gather my things, I'll need to explain it to the natives."

Without waiting for him to respond the diminutive let go of his hand and began to scurry around the room, gathering his armful of brightly coloured papers.