Here's the full lay out for Randa:

Spoiler: Randa

"Long roads the Sword of Fury makes

Hard walls it builds around the soft

The fighter who Townsaver takes

Can bid farewell to home and croft."

~ Fred Saberhagen

"When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing." - Legendary Soldier

Randa, AKA the Runt

Spoiler: Persona

Randa is a rather short, all too human appearing half orc, with green skin and tusks the only signs of her heritage. In fact, it almost seems like a joke someone so short is a half-orc. Her knife, or rather knives, are ancient military makes with a black hilt, greenish leather washer grip and dusky blade, yet time has barely touched them... curiously there is an engraving of a pair of apples at the base of each blade though they are obviously not fruit cutters.

She's notoriously known as The Runt. To be frank, she's hatefully bitter and confident in her right to be so. An outcast for the better part of her life, she suffers no belief in altruism, thinking everyone else, affluent or not, is in it for themselves. She often comes off as surly, paranoid, perpetually angry, and stand-offish, speaking less and less the more accosted she gets until she ends interaction with a rude gesture or simply leaves. The people of Capital regard her as a wildcat: she offers nothing but violent trouble, there's nothing to take from her, and there is nothing to be done but simply leave her alone, and pray she doesn't pay attention to you.

For though Randa considers goodness an alien concept, she has a tendency to become enraged, even now, at gross displays of inustice. Worse, she will often do something about it if only because it offends her to do any less. She's toppled merchants after they watch poor people starve, robbed the rich after they cheat the helpless, and even killed those who take abuse to another level, simply because she was there to witness some of it. Her reputation as a slayer is more well known outside the Capitol, and any allies she may have made from eliminating common enemies tend to be spurned; Randa seldom maintains alliances for long, running away before they can solidify.

She's just fighting and stealing to keep alive; she seems to have no compunctions towards a greater life goal than simply living to see another sunrise. If she ever anguished her lot in life, she has buried her loneliness deep and outright gutted her desire to make friends. She doesn't want to go through the loss again...

Spoiler: History
No goes to the town of Garden anymore. it could have been another affluent and varied settlement like Capitol in a generation or three, but it was brought low.

Randa knows why.

She has always assumed her mother was human and died giving birth; she has a few memories of a father, and knows in her heart he wanted a son because he left Randa at an orphanage and never returned. Her memories of that place were even fewer and far between, but for the lasting memory of when the place burned down in a rogue fire. She knows that the matron tried to save many of the children but didn't prioritize Randa. So she saved herself and fled when it became apparenty no one would come for her. How she survived as an urchin and for how long is hard to discern but at one point Randa picked a mark to beg (or steal) from. Only she didn't; she simply walked up to him and grabbed onto his cloak. She refused to let go, even after he offered her money, and the man--she knew him later as Grael-- was impressewd by her flinty eyes and took her with him.

This was not the start of a pleasant median into adulthood. Grael was a Hunter, the self appointed leader of the Hill Ravens, and while they came to provide for Randa, it was not completely out of altruism. They sometimes needed a small set of hands toreach into dangerous traps, a tiny figure to crawl through unsafe openings in order to let the rest in. And sometimes they simply were tired of burying and looting bodies. Fortunately, Randa was if anything more than desperate to remain of use. In time, as all children do, she grew up, and earned a more respected place among the Ravens.

Garden was coming into prominence then, and the Hill ravens were coerced by the authorities overseeing the town to stay there in the settlement rather than roam from here to the capitol to the wilds. They performed innumerable tasks for the community, did wetwork of all sorts, all for a chance to have a true home or at least a proper base of operations. But instead, after dealing with too many problems, garden's town watch collectively decided they were too dangerous to the stability they wanted. A few spiked drinks later the Hill ravens were unprepared for a raid, though Randa alone escaped the massacre. She never cared much for alcohol and didn't like it when the other ravens got too drunk; her sobriety saved her. They didn't even bother trying to hunt down "the runt", thinking her useless. Instead, Randa hid, and waited. She stole back some of the Raven's gear confiscated, including Grael's knife and headband, and her revenge finally culminated when Randa took some saws to key structural points of the Garden Watch's stronghold, literally bringing down the house on top of them as they slept.

This lead to Garden's eventual abandonment... they had lost most of their warriors. Randa has wandered since, dipping in and out of society at a whim. She only seems to want to keep living, never any higher claim, until such times as when her sensibilities are triggered. When she feels the anger and outrage that cost her her comrades return. It becomes all consuming until she has to do something to set things right, even for total strangers. Killing Slavers is as good as any time for such a turn...

Spoiler: Gold Expenditures

-15,000 Headband of Ninjutsu
-16,302 +1 Keen Dagger of Doubling
-2,000 belt of incredible Dexterity
-1050 Burglar's bracers
-2,000 Amulet of Nat. Armor
-1400 Daredevil's Softpaw boots
-1,000 Vest of resistance
-5,100 +2 Mithral shirt
-100 spare MW thieves' tools

(2048 remaining)