The apparition indeed swings at Trill, and despite Zo trying to set it off guard and despite Trill reacting with excellent agility, and shining her light directly at the apparition's eyes, it still manages to hit her. She falls to the floor as if struck by an impact, with a loud "oof!" as she lands on the floor. She then rolls and reaches for her light, as if to take cover. She does not appear hurt, at least.

Despite moving fairly slowly up until this point, the apparition reacts far more quickly in response to Zo's counterattack, but the Anx' great strength still affords him considerable speed, and the mummified Jedi's lightsaber makes contact with the form's apparent head. The form reacts to being struck, in much the same way as Trill did being propelled backwards, but does not physically land on the floor. Instead, it raises its saber once more, salutes Zo, then salutes Trill, and then vanishes.

Nodoa emerges from the tunnel again with her vibro-axe in hand. At the same time, three doors in the room with the dias open. Of these, one leads to a corridor that reminds Zo of the starship that his parents served aboard. The second opens to what looks like an exhibit hall in a museum. The third opens to a laboratory facility with visible cybernetic equipment. Nodoa would recognize the equipment and general layout of the laboratory to be of Chiss design.