THat is a difficult question (and cannot be answered in any one way, as there is no "correct" way to play ANY Rpg except "the way it fits to your group best").

Lets go for 2 assumptions rather unique to D&D and CLones of it.

The first is the "Numbered amount of encounters" a regular Adventuring Day should consist of to "reduce the parties ressources".
THis is very much NOT an universal way to go about it, but pretty much the D&D Classicly run Shtick of "palyers must be very careful with their ressources or the DM will mopp the floor with them", which in my view is a leftover from its beginnings as a wargame.

Now assuming you WANT to paly that way, and are all for thatr type of play, I`lls ay this:

Do not EVER point to anything saying "But here it says a well balanced encounter should take away X ressources from you and that you should have Y per day".

Why? Because thats a GUIDELINE. By people who dont really play their own game a lot/dont udnerstand all their hundreds of extra mosnters, spells and whatnot their game entails.
Now if you apply that to a game only SIMILAR to the game where it didnt fit WILL fail at meeting the intended effect more often than not.

Hence even if thats the kind of game you want to paly, my suggestion is simple: Ask your group what kind of challenge they want, and adjust for dumb luck accordingly. Even doing that, you will never truly perfectly match what they want, but youll be much closer than if you simply follow the old recipie of the DMG but in another game.

The second assumption D&D makes is that everything is strongly to exclusively combat focussed, as noncombat ressources (Aside from Spells or optional Social Systems) usually are not "expended".

Hence in Games where you try to emulate something other than classic Dungeon Crawl/Hexcrawls etc you will have to adjust massively.

Now to the original Question:

Original to late 2nd Edition: Yes to barely yes.

3rd Edition: depends on the Optimization on the Table, mostly not if using original Adventures.

4th: Nope.

5th: Maybe, if one overdoes it with ELgendary stuff, otherwise nope.