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But don't video games do the exact same thing? Start off easy and then ramp up the difficulty as the players develop skills and learn the rules?
They both use progression and increasing difficulty. Video games are a hell of a lot better at it than TTRPGs. And the reason they're a lot better at it is, at its most fundamental, because the video game is the experience. TTRPGs by and large only provide you with rulesets and provide you with virtually no guidance on how to use those rulesets to create a good experience. An analogue I have seen for it is that, at best, the DMG is a level editor, and a badly built one at that.

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IMO progression and narrative goals are accomplishments in and of themselves; beating up an army of demons and saving the world certainly feels more "powerful" to me even if it uses up the same percentage of my resources as beating up a group of goblins and saving a sheep farm did at level one.
That's your opinion. The problem being twofold:
(1) It's the opinion of a player.
(2) It may not be shared by the players you are DMing.