Unfortunately for Prince Sinma, when Naldris gets the faintest word that Ayanum Sibab is looking for a more refined time with her husband, she arranges for a very special getaway.

A resort is cleared of non noble guests and the most illustrious of floors is prepared for the royalty. This exotic location has over ten different biomes to explore with plenty of "private" locations to get lost in.

However, once they make it through the warp gate, a group of pirates, deserters from the Vespid crusades, begin firing on the envoy. The Prince is offered a fighter to join the battle.

There is a landing party that makes it through the battle and lands on the Prince's ship. He is called back to help fight onboard. He is given command of a squadron and a firefight ensues. The prince is again victorious, though some of his squad is lost in battle.

As he rescues his princess, the ship arrives at the pleasure colony. The two are ushered through the gates of the resort. Again the words on the gate read: "All things fuel the family, and the family fuels all things."

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