Chaotic Good: Saving peuple from Tyranny whether they want it or not! (Or even actually need it or even if it makes the general picture worse for everybody.)

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I imagine Rosa's thought will be ... something like: That insufferable oaf things I'm imitating him? Please, all dark and vengeful Gods, just strike me down now. Or .. on balance .. strike down Borgrim!
Well, Rosa has a better opinion of Borgrim than that. The voices in her head might react that way.

Rosa might also react vocally that way, but without actually feeling it deep down. She just likes provoking Borgrim and playfully bicker with him.

He actually offered her a brooch and he's smarter than he seems. Rosa thinks he's a pretty chill guy, under this gruffy and unwashed shell.

She's more warry of Faust de la Suerte, but she's also warming up to him. It's also funny to see Rosa has more empathy for the random fleeing hoodlum than sewer nobility. (Probably because Rosa readily identifies with the former rather than the latter).