Malog and Marambe allow themselves to be swept up in the Waaaagh. They feel stronger. They also feel that it is natural and right that invaders should be driven out of the dungeon or killed! Preferably killed. They can break out of this conviction, but they sure do feel stronger right now.

The war band marches down the smooth corridor and back into the more natural looking cave. There are pressure plates here, and quite a lot of people passing through, but you are able to guide everyone across without causing a cave in.

On the other side of a short path the cave begins to widen. There are subtle signs of damage to the floor here, like parts of the rock have been molten or frayed with acid. You pass by the partial, discarded scales of some kind of creature with... many limbs? The scales are pretty torn up. Knowledge: Nature to find out more.

The cave opens up into a large cavern, although there are boulders and pillars blocking your sight of parts of it.

Serafino senses something.
Spoiler: Mindsight
Ooze, Int 5, behind one of the large boulders.

Malog, Marambe and the goblins can feel it! The time has come!