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    Default Re: Another Bloody Isekai IC: Team Raid Bosses

    Well, okay then. If the Waaagh is ready for some violence - and when is it not - who am I to oppose the Waaagh, Serafino shrugs to himself.

    "Dat Ooze!" He points dramatically in the ooze's direction. Shouting in Goblin is good for simple, direct sentences. "Dat' ooze 'tink you'unz is food! Gobbos not food! Gobbos is Waaagh! Marambe is a Big Fist Waaagh! Malog is a Big Scary Boss Waaagh!

    "Oozes no more eating Gobbos because Gobbos is Waaaaagh!"

    Pointing dramatically, Serafino is ready to roll with the Waaagh. He will fly above the foremost of the goblins, readying himself to intercept the ooze's attacks against them. His group can handle themselves, but an inkling of an idea is percolating in the back of Serafino's brain. Keep the Waaagh confident. Getting killed is a real downer, so keep them from getting killed, at least at the moment.

    Later? Well, Waaaghs can come to an end for all sorts of reasons.
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