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    Default Re: Got a Real-World Weapon, Armour or Tactics Question? Mk. XXVIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobtor View Post
    -Reach is one of them. While I think Mike_G is right that it is more important in one-on-one. But in battles there might arise many situations where your are one-on-one or where extra react let you attack the guy to your right (or left).
    As I've stated before, I'm by no means any sort of expert - but I really seriously doubt this is true.

    Sure, one tall guy in a line of men will make no difference what so ever. But if, in general, everyone of your guys is a head taller than everyone on the other side, that ENORMOUS. Pun kinda intended, sorry.

    It may be the matter of inches and milliseconds, if you calculate how much taller is each guy, and how much faster is he to the punch - but then you multiply that by every instance of greater reach, and then you look at the numbers. If each side starts with 1000 guys, but the taller side is just that wee bit faster - just a fraction - in every instance ... then before the shorter side ever gets to draw blood, maybe they're outnumbered by 10%. Maybe more. It's how pikes work, that's literally the only thing a pike is good for. (no, not literally, pikes have other things beside length)

    I'm just pulling numbers out of thin air. But there's quite simply no convincing me it isn't a factor.

    Edit: Oh, and that's not even counting creater strength for punching through defences, and weight for pushing the enemy on his hindside - I'm sure the shieldwall+push wasn't ever the only thing that happened, but I'm equally sure when it did, having 10 punds extra for each guy in the line made - again - an ENORMOUS difference.
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