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    Default Barbarian, Path of the Pack Hunter (The Roguish subclass)

    Tell me what you think. It probably needs a bit of balancing.

    Path of the Pack Hunter

    Some Barbarians have learned how to coordinate with their companions in a fight to overcome obstacles. Some of these barbarians are hunters in the wildlands, some are in gangs that stalk prey on city streets and back alleys. Either way they use tactics to create openings for their allies.

    Synchronized Strike:
    Starting when you chose this path at 3rd level, you can coordinate strikes with your pack during your rage. Once on your turn, while raging, you can select one ally within range to make a weapon attack with advantage. This attack uses your allies reaction.

    Tactics of the Pack:
    You've learned how best to communicate and keep in step with your pack mates. At 3rd level you gain proficiency in Stealth and Thieves' Tools and can communicate using Thieves' Cant. Also, you gain the extra damage from the Rage Damage column on the Barbarian table when using Dexterity attacks while wielding a Finesse weapon.

    Dirty Fighting:
    Beginning at 6th level you've learned how to give you and your pack an edge in a fight. Whenever you hit an enemy with a Reckless Attack, you can use a bonus action to make a Shove Attack or Grapple.

    Pack Cooperation:
    Beginning at 10th level, when you use the help action to aid an ally with an ability check in which you are proficient, they may add your proficiency bonus as well as their own to the roll.

    Debilitating Strike:
    At 14th level you've learned how to better find openings for your allies, whose strikes now leave debilitating injuries. When an Enemy takes damage from one of your allies as a result of your Synchronised Strike feature, that enemy makes attacks against you at disadvantage until the end of its next turn.
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