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    Default Re: Another Bloody Isekai IC: Team Raid Bosses

    Serafino looks at the rest of his team racing ahead.

    "Well when in Rome," he mutters. "In a Waaagh ya gottah do the charging thing."

    "Come on Gobbos! Malog is charging in! Don't let the Waaagh chief beat yinz 'der! Show him you'nz are Big Choppas!"

    Serafino flies ahead to where he knows the ooze must be. As he rounds the corner, he raises his eyebrows. That is big! Ok, maybe soften it up a touch before the gobbos get here. Otherwise it'll just sit on them and kill them all. Can't have the Waaagh ending before he wants it to end.

    He gives it a powerful hit, yelling as loudly as he can.

    'I feel ridiculous,' he thinks.
    Spoiler: Move and standard attack
    Roll for Knowledge Devotion with Collector of Stories bonus: (1d20+32)[49]
    He will know what the ooze is and gets bonus on attack and damage against it, now.
    Move to H-10.
    Attack the ooze with Knowledge Devotion and Inspiration Point: (1d20+30)[42]
    Slam Damage with Inspiration Point: (1d6+21)[26] plus 3 level drains plus 54 damage.
    Serafino gains 54 temp HP. (they overlap anything from before)
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