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    Default Dragons of Alnia (IC) - Team 2 Beta test Encounter

    ~Sanctum of Penance~

    Objective: End the ritual imprisoning Lucent No-Dri

    The transition between the game's overworld and the encounter's instance is almost instantaneous, such that even for those who lingered within the space between the two places waiting for their party experience little of the transition; perhaps a momentary flash of weightlessness and a swirl of non-color, but in less than a second the entire team arrives at the snowy foot of the husk of a grand mountain.

    The air here is still, enough so that only the fluttering of birds and the travail of insects can easily be heard, but an almost invisible mist still swirls up the face of the mountain and into the sky where it can linger near closer to the eclipsed sun.

    Even on the ground the heavens seem close enough to touch; the moon so full in the sky, the sky so troubled with clouds, the horizon so laden with hills and mountains.
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