Clarity will get up after dawn breaks as Airmid makes her ruckus. She will smile slightly as she begins to meditate and pray to the eye for spells. After a time she will leave the room and begin looking for a tub or barrel of some kind and will take a minute to fill it with water, strip down to her base blue cloth and submerge herself for a while. The life giving water will heal her for 8 hit points as she washes herself within it. She will then drain the water from the container after getting out and let herself dry naturally as she returns to the room after gathering her extra clothes. Clarity will then proceed to get out her combs and make up from her grooming kit and do some appearance care for about 15 minutes before heading downstairs for some breakfast. As she heads down she will think to herself, "Ah, that's so much better. It feels good to shed the dirt of yesterday and focus on the future. Hopefully we can see the rewards for our efforts and do some adventure shopping."