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    Default Re: Barbarian, Path of the Pack Hunter (The Roguish subclass)

    Thank you for the Feedback! Re-worded some things based on your suggestions.

    If the ability is found to be too strong, we can say they can do it a number of times equal to their Dexterity Modifier. Reset on a Long (short?) Rest.

    I'm not quite ready to axe the Finesse/rage bonus damage but I'm prepared to if others agree that it is too powerful. A Barbarian may get a higher AC by putting more in Dex, but it will become worse at its Shoves and Grapples which I think is a fair trade.

    I worry that evasion is too powerful for an already tank class. I'm also worried that other Barbarian Subclasses get a fluffy ribbon ability at level 10. I'm open to alternatives.
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