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    Exiles’ Consortium

    Prince Sinma Zaqaru, Lady Ayanum Sibab and Earl Tanina Usash find themselves scratching their head when dealing with the Exiles’ Consortium economy for various reasons. Prince Sinma Zaqaru appreciates the power held by the Outsider, though finds the freedom of the market troubling, where as Lady Ayanum Sibab finds the baseline standard of living interesting. She does ask about foul play infriging upon the baseline, curious how much of the baseline standard is just a nice maker for the citizens, while they may well be robbed out of it by cunning entrepreneurs.

    Earl Tanina Usash on the other hand looks angry at the inefficiency caused by the cutthroat economy and competition. This is purely from an economical point of view, however, as it is clear that it may not be the most efficient economics wise, it does lead to excellent agent capacity as there is plenty to draw from. Then again, not as if the Zaqaru economy is as efficient as can be from the point of wealth with plenty of goods flowing to for example supply the fleet.

    In the end, though, the trade convey is in conflict with two concerns. First of all is security. The freedom to gain wealth by fighting and stealing is very dangerous for foreign trading routes, which the various administrators and economists do not wish to deal with. Second of all is that the economy offers various opportunities to even foreign traders. While they will risk being exploited by the most competitive, there are opportunities to take advantage of exploiting the present free market. Still, there is a group which do not wish to take the risk. Many of the others are currently a bit at a loss how to enter the market if the security concern can be dealt with, afflicted with choice paralysis and lack of information. There are a few already looking for deals to strike, such as selling metals and importing various consumer commodities, assuming the first concern can be dealt with.

    Prince Sinma Zaqaru directly brings up the security issue with their guide, while Earl Tanina Usush tries to gather information on opportunities from both their guide as well as other representatives.

    Zaqaru appreciates the Gilkara hospitality.

    House Gilkara

    Prince Sinma Zaqaru, brave as he is, immediately dives at the opportunity to fight pirates in a fighter. He proves to be an excellent pilot, well capable of pulling of all kinds of tactical maneuvers that would normally be out of reach for those versed in economics. Acting swiftly when he hears there is a fight onboard, he returns and leads with the charisma of a true noble, striking at the landing party and quickly winning, despite losses.

    Barely breaking a sweat, Sinma Zaqaru proves he has prior combat experience. He did fight against a Nebula Hydra, after all. Gladly saving his princess, he does note to the Gilkara representatives they should do something about their pirate problem, clapping them on the back with a knowing smile.

    At the resort, the two look at the words again and look at each other with a soft smile. They enter the exotic locations, floors, biomes and enjoy their escapade from the usual economics, leaving Earl Tinana Usush to actually get the trade deals through.

    Prince Sinma Zaqaru and Lady Ayanum Sibab enjoyed their visit at House Gilkara.

    Enigma 7

    Spoiler: Imperial Council
    Akkadu Conclave

    King Nabuna Zaqaru listens closely to the words of Duchess Voss, Duke Sansone and Duke Lacross. “Each of your words hold merit.”

    Looking over the map, King Nabuna Zaqaru looks at the map pulled up by Duke Sansone and gestures to the border shared by House Voss and House Greenflame. “This alliance would benefit House Greenflame,”

    After which he gestures only a small part of the map further, to the border of the Imperium leading to the Freeholds, the other flank of House Greenflame. “while asking the Freeholds to immediately offer support to their greatest historical threat.”

    “Should they do so, I can only suspect ulterior motives.” The King draws a gesture to show how the distance between those borders and Akkadu are relatively small compared to the entirety of the Imperium. “Based on each of your words, I conclude the best course of action would be to disapprove of this alliance.”

    King Nabuna Zaqaru looks at his speaking partners from the Akkadu Sector. “Agreed?”

    Spoiler: House Gilkara
    Dear Duchess Naldris Gilkara,

    I wish to know whether House Gilkara would be willing to transfer Anna Berger, who I have I have reason to believe is in your custody. If so, I kindly ask under what terms this would be possible.

    Yours sincerely,
    Grand Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru
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