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I do not think their complaint is "D&D is too hard" but rather "your D&D is too hard because you make everything a struggle to get anything"
That's kind of how this started.

People said my game was too hard, I said I am just following the guidelines in the DMG, and people responded that maybe the DMG doesn't know what it is talking about; hence this thread.

The DMG absolutely says that everything should be a struggle, and actually takes it even further than I do, for example it flat out says that a fight without resource loss on the party of the players isn't a challenge and shouldn't be worth any XP.

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They are not upset they have difficult encounters. it is that you make every 'day' to force them to have that 80%, and the knowledge that the next fight (if one were to ever happen) would kill them all. and it is like that every day. Your players' expectations are in contrast to you in your 'rewards are rewards' belief.
That is actually a very good point. I can see it as being sort of a "glass half full" sort of thing, which varies from player to player:

After killing a huge dragon that took everything the party had player one might think:

"Man, that was a super tough dragon. He took everything he had! But in the end, we pulled through! We are such badasses!"

While player two might think:

"Man, that was a super tought dragon. It took everything we had to pull through! Now we have nothing left, and are the weakest and most vulnerable we have ever been!"