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    Quote Originally Posted by Traab View Post
    Thats my point, agatha doesnt do anything directly, yet every ruler she meets gets overthrown/killed/replaced in some manner. And the baron is no longer the baron, he stepped down before locking himself in time. dr beetle, tarveks dad, the baron, the master, martellus took over his family after showing back up in their fortress. The only ruler I can think of who stayed in power is the mole man ruler under paris, and even his opponent got replaced! You cant deny that something crazy is going on when agatha literally cant pass through someones kingdom without them no longer being in charge shortly afterwards even though she rarely ever does anything directly herself.
    We can't deny coincidence, but that doesn't mean causation, and we are only seeing the world as it releates to Agatha.

    Beetle was already on the way down, because he was holding a Hive engine against the direct orders of the Baron. It is true that he was also sheltering Agatha, but the two facts don't seem to be related (there may have been evidence in his notes, but Doctor Merlot burned them).

    Stumhalten's fall is largely down on Anevka and Tarvek. Anevka assasinated her father, and the cover-up attempt raised a big red flag to the Baron.

    The Baron takes himself out of the picture because he had been wasped by Agatha/Lucrezia and is being influenced by Anevka/Lucreczia. Again, Agatha has been around for a long time before the Baran went down, and Agatha/Lucrezia is down to the Geisters (Tarvek's father narrowly missing responsibility due to being dead).

    In the background Zola, as the Queen of the Dawn has slowly been taking over large sections of Europa. Agatha is not involved in any of those kingdoms falling.

    The Master of Paris was brought down by the Other or by Zola (it isn't stated which, but the smart money is on Zola). The rebellion in Paris was organised by the Geisters, and had clearly been setting up for a long time. Far from being a cause, it is Agatha's presence that disrupts it.

    Related to the rebellion - The leader of the Library was assasinated by Tarvek's family; Laurana's dad was already in with the rebellion in Paris, and was taken out by Laurana. True, Agatha was there, but Laurana's motivation was saving Jim Hoffman, and I think she would have acted the same way, Agatha or no.

    Martellus was already in charge of the family before the time slip. When he goes through the time-slip he has to get it back again (which he seems to do very quickly).

    Edit: And I forgot about the Corbetitites. Thanks, Geoduck.
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