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Cowgirl semi-porn is an entirely different genre.
And yet it is, at least for the first part before I completely lost the story thread amongst space opera and starships, a milk maid going about her daily life of doing farm chores and keeping her farm business running...through any means necessary.

I was actually thinking about Voltaire's death, though. Agatha races through the streets of Paris, frantically assembling a huge death ray as she searches for pants, and then when she gets to the party what does she do? She hangs decoratively off the arm of Martellus and together they watch the Storm King beat the stuffing out of Voltaire.

She actually does -less- in that fight than Martellus does, and all he does is throw a bunch of mooks at the Storm King, kill off his own mooks and then hand the Storm King that fancy sword.

She just sits and watches, as I recall, until Voltaire is actually dying and Martellus is getting ready to deliver a coup d'etat and then steals the kill off Martellus.

I mean, sure, it wasn't her intention to unleash the Storm King in the first place, but in my mind she definitely took the opportunity that was presented to her to sit on her hands and let him get toppled when she could easily have stopped it. And she also wasn't shy about letting her castle try to hack the city's subnet at every opportunity.