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Thread: Is D&D too hard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talakeal View Post
    Not sure where you are going with this.

    I was discussing this as a possible reason why my campaign might seem to hard despite otherwise sticking to the DMG guidelines. Pointing it out and saying that it deviates from the DMG isn't really proving any sort of point of saying anything I didn't already say in the OP.
    You responded to another post with "The DMG absolutely says everything should be a struggle," but it does not- the DMG is not a proper defense of an attempt to make all days 80% days, which seems to be what you're going for. Stating that your adventures allow for the players to choose how much they fight on some days would be, but you've said that it's your job to provide incentives for them to choose to push anyway. Which returns to trying to figure out your players' tendencies and desires, which may indicate that they don't see those choices you give them as choices in that department (they always try to do every optional fight etc).
    I don't actually give XP for combat at all; I use milestone levelling exclusively.

    Woah woah woah, that is hugely massively important. You've been talking about xp, specifically said that you would never not award xp for a fight, but you aren't using xp at all. We've got people trying to analyze perception of difficulty, one of the major components of which is the reward system, and you're not using like an entire 1/3 of the reward system.

    So your players are likely to be feeling they never catch a break because every day they have to fight to the last, and the only rewards they're getting are "progress" and treasure, and as completionists their minds don't track progress gained as much as they do progress lost. No wonder they hate using consumables, treasure is the only reward they get which is directly tied to their performance, the only one they can actually see on their sheet, and having to spend money just to survive.
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