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Thread: Is D&D too hard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban View Post
    You responded to another post with "The DMG absolutely says everything should be a struggle," but it does not- the DMG is not a proper defense of an attempt to make all days 80% days, which seems to be what you're going for.
    I didn't ever say that.

    I said that I learned encounter balance from the 3E DMG about 20 years ago, and have been using the ~80% guideline is the proper balance point ever since. I did not say that I do it every single day, and I was not using the DMG to "justify my actions", merely that it was where I got the idea of the 80% balance point from.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban View Post
    Woah woah woah, that is hugely massively important. You've been talking about xp, specifically said that you would never not award xp for a fight, but you aren't using xp at all. We've got people trying to analyze perception of difficulty, one of the major components of which is the reward system, and you're not using like an entire 1/3 of the reward system.

    So your players are likely to be feeling they never catch a break because every day they have to fight to the last, and the only rewards they're getting are "progress" and treasure, and as completionists their minds don't track progress gained as much as they do progress lost. No wonder they hate using consumables, treasure is the only reward they get which is directly tied to their performance, the only one they can actually see on their sheet, and having to spend money just to survive.
    They still get XP for completing the dungeon as a whole, just not for each individual encounter; if my players want to sneak past a monster rather than killing it (or something of that nature) I don't think they deserve to be punished for it.

    Using consumables shouldn't be ideal. But sometimes it is necessary evil, and as I said my players were still above WBL for the entire campaign and always took more wealth out of the dungeon than they spent on consumables completing it.

    Also, putting "progress" in quotes like that says a lot more about you than me or my players.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alhallor View Post
    OK I have to ask, are these the same players who don't want to spend any money because they feel like they are wasting it? Are they also sell magical gear they could otherwise use to get more money so they can buy their ultimate magical equipment?

    I read through the other posts before but I'm not sure if this has been really asked, did your talk with your players about how you envision your campaign? Because from the stuff I read about your DMing style it seems you enjoy a kinda gritty experience, making fights hard for the players, let the enemy use mean tactics (that are also available to the players I guess but they don't bother using them?)

    And it seems like they want a different experience from the game than you and more dumb-fun fights and less "these damn dragon uses hit and run tactics what should we dooo?" That requires more usage of brainpower and more creative thinking which I guess you want them to use but they aren't? Please correct me if I'm wrong there.
    Yes, it is the same group.

    I suspect the latter is correct, which is one of the three ideas I had in my OP about why my group feels harder than usual to my players despite sticking to what I feel are the normal CR guidelines.
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